International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023

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International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023

“Conference, Networking, Expo, and Awards on SDGs 4.2 Quality Early Childhood Education”

01st, 2nd, 3rd April 2023

At the

Chennai, India.


02. Introduction

International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023, is organized by the SAIA4ECCD, an international non-profit-oriented education association working to upgrade the quality of early childhood education in the south Asian region to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 4.2 in 2030. 

The summit will be focused on “Curriculum, Teaching Learning Methods, and Students Assessment Approaches related to early childhood education”. in addition, the summit will force even on Capacity Building of the ECCD Teachers, indoor and outdoor set up of the ECCD centers, and teaching aids”.  “Greening Education for Early childhood education also will be discussed.

Early childhood education should focus holistic development of children.  it should be a joyful learning experience for the children with love and care. not only knowledge but also social and emotional awareness and actions, including critical thinking and collaboration skills also should be developed considering the age and diversity of each and every child.

Early childhood care and development should be a strong foundation for children. facilitators should plan, implement and assess their activities considering the diversity of the countries, cultures, and societies as well as understanding the diversity of the children.

The ultimate goal of the SDG 4.2 is “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.”

it is very essential to share the best practices of the ECCD Teachers, Educators, policymakers as well as decision-makers to achieve the goal. capacity building and networking are powerful tools to strengthen the ECCD sector globally. International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023 is the platform for all stakeholders who are interested to upgrade the quality of the ECCD sector as well as self-enhancement.

The Summit will be a platform for ECCD teachers for their capacity building and professional enhancement.

The ECCD center owners and management will gain new strategies and share best practices on skills essential for them to overcome Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) situation and bring their ECCD centers success.

The summit will be organized with the guidance of the Hon. Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Mass Media, Highway and Transport, and former minister of Education and Higher Education in Sri Lanka.

Kunwar’s Global School – Lucknow, India is the hosting partner for the event.

The conference will be held physically on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of April 2023 in Chennai, India.

Keynote speakers will share their best practices, research findings, and new knowledge on themes towards “Quality Early Childhood Education” at the conference. Practical sessions will be handled by the experts for capacity building.

In addition to that selected ECCD Centers will be awarded on the biases of performance of 2022. 

Summit is an international benchmark for ECCD Teachers, Principals, and educators who are engaging in teacher training related to ECCD and Primary Education. in addition to that ECCD teachers/Principals will be empowered to transfer their ECCD centers to Greening Education. 

03. Problem Statement

  • Existing curricula, Teaching-learning processes, and assessments related to Early childhood education have to be upgraded locally and internationally. the trend of General education globally is to enhance the competencies of the children to face the challenges of the VUCA world. Early Childhood Education also should be forced on the holistic development of the children to make them suitable children for primary education.
  •  The role of the ECCD Teachers has changed over time and whether ECCD teachers and principals are strong with skills expect existing modern global society to enhance the capacity of the children. 
  • Parental Counseling and capacity building of the stakeholders for the care, security, and health of the children are not at a satisfactory level in south Asian countries. 
  • Although Greeing education should be implemented in the ECCD centers awareness of the management of ECCD centers is not satisfying. 

04. Vision: 

  • Enhance the quality of Early childhood education in south Asian countries to achieve SDGs 4.2 which is  “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.”

06. Objectives:

  • Share the new Knowledge, competencies, Research findings, and new strategies to uplift the quality of ECCD in south Asian countries
  •  sharing best practices to upgrade the quality of the early childhood care and development sector
  • Build up networkers among the professionals in the ECCD sector in the south Asian region.
  • Make connectivity among the ECCD educators/professionals in south Asian countries to enhance the quality of ECCD education
  • Enhance the capacity of professionals of the ECCD sector towards “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)” and “Greening Education” by empowering Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Mindset (K-SAM) and 21st Century skills.  
  • Share Best Practices among the ECCD educators/professionals in south Asian countries towards Education for sustainable development and Greening Education.
  • Appreciate the service rendered by the ECCD teachers/Educators/Professionals in the south Asian countries for the holistic development of the children.
  • Appreciate the performance of the quality ECCD Centers in south Asian countries towards the holistic development of the children.


07. To whom : 

  • To ECCD Center owners/ Principals in the south Asian region as well as all other countries who need to upgrade their knowledge, make networks, share best practices and upgrade new strategies to enhance the quality of ECCD centers. ECCD Principals and owners will be appreciated on international platforms for their dedicated service to the field of education.
  • ECCD Teachers – ECCD Teachers who need to upgrade their competencies, who need to make networks with ECCD Teachers in south Asian countries, who need to share their best practices with ECCD teachers in the region as well as who like to get appreciation from international platforms for their dedicated service to the field of early childhood education.
  • To educators in the field of Early childhood education – Lecturers and teacher educators in the field of ECCD in the south Asian region 
  • Teacher supervisors, Curriculum Developers, Education Administrators, and academic leaders related to ECCD  in South Asian Countries as well as a global society.  

 08. Benefits to the Participants:

  • Participants will be upgraded their competencies by sharing knowledge with expertise in the region and they will get real-life experience by observing ideal ECCD Centers and schools.
  • Participants will get an opportunity to do a Keynote speech
  • Well performed Speakers/Presenters will be awarded International Awards 
  • ECCDTeachers/ Principals/ educators will be honored for their dedicated service to the field of early childhood education
  • Selected ECCD Cenetrs will be awarded for their performance in the recent past.

Awards and Certificates will be granted under three categories.

Category – 01

  • “Excellency in Early Childhood Education” Awards will be granted to the ECCD Teachers/Educators based on the performance of the Live interviews, Live Presentations, and Keynote Speeches of the Summit.
  • Participation Certificates will be granted to all who participate in live interviews and presentations on virtual platforms at the pre-activities of the summit  

Category – 02

Special Awards will be granted to the ECCD Centers for their performance on

  1. Total Development of the Students 
  2. Student-friendly ECCD center environment  
  3. Best Performance of the Teaching-Learning Process
  4. Quality Teaching learning aids in ECCD Center 
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  6. Contribution of the school to “Greening Education”

WhatsApp Group for Updates

  • Click here to join WhatsApp Group to get more details and all updates about the summit

 09. Program Schedule:

Date Event
31st March 2023 The arrival of the Delegates
01st of April  2023 Inauguration Ceremony of International Summit (Conference, Awarding, sightseeing, City Visit, Cultural Programs)
02nd of April  2023 Keynote speeches, Presentations, workshops 
03rd of April  2023 ECCD Center visit
04th of April  2023 Departure

10. Program Agenda

Click here to read Program Agenda

11. Keynote Speeches/Presentation

After you apply to participate in the summit you will get the opportunity to be a keynote speaker on the basis of your academic and professional qualifications.   In Addition to that Educators, Principals, and Teachers who perform well in live interviews/ Live Presentations will be selected for keynote speeches.  Keynote Speakers will get the opportunity to do keynote speeches at the international education summit. keynote speakers will get 10 minutes for their Keynote speeches/ presentations and They will be awarded international awards.  

Upload PowerPoint of Keynote Speaker

If you have been selected as keynote speaker you must upload the PowerPoint file of your presentation to your folder in this google folder on or before 27th January 2023. you can edit/finalize your PowerPoint presentation even after you upload it. (After Keynote speakers complete their registration for summit one folder with their name can be seen in this google folder. (relevant keynote speaker can see only his/her folder. anyone can’t see others’ folders. The technical team of the summit will get the keynote speaker’s PowerPoint files only from this folder to play when they do the presentation) If you are a registered keynote speaker for the summit click here to upload your presentation.

12. Themes for the Presentations:

Themes for Pre-Primary (ECCD) and Primary Category “Empower Early Childhood Education to Achieve SDG’s 4.2 Quality ECCD” 

  1. Approaches and Principles for quality Early Childhood Education
  2. Educational Psychology for Early Childhood Education 
  3. Child development in Early Childhood Stage 
  4. Curriculum planning, organizing, and Implementing for Early Childhood Education  
  5. Health, safety, and nutrition in Early Childhood Stage 
  6. Teaching-learning material development for Early Childhood Education  
  7. Managing the Early Childhood Development Centre/ Primary Classroom
  8. Assessment of child development in Early Childhood Stage
  9. Total Development of Children with special needs 
  10. Professional Role of ECCD Teacher and  Primary Teacher 
  11. Competencies to develop children’s motor development
  12. Competencies to develop Children’s language and early literacy development
  13. Competencies to develop children’s cognitive development
  14. Competencies to develop Children’s social and emotional development
  15. Competencies to develop children’s aesthetic development

 13. Registration Fee:

Registration fee for foreign delegates –

  • Registration fee for Participants – 200 USD

which includes 5 days with 4-night stays (31st March to 3rd April 2023) Accommodation, Food,  sightseeing, local transport cost, and the registration fee for the Conference. 

Registration fee for Indian delegates –

  • Registration fee for Participants – 100 USD

which does not include a stay and local transport.

Registration fee for foreign ECCD Centers –

  • The registration fee for ECCD Centers – 300 USD.
    One Representative from the ECCD Center is eligible to participate free of charge at the summit. 

Registration fee for Indian ECCD Centers –

  • The registration fee for the Indian ECCD Center –  200 USD.

14. Apply for the summit:

Click here to Apply for the International Summit on Quality ECCD Education – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd April 2023  at Chennai, India. 

(You can apply free of charge. You will be informed by email if you are selected for the summit. 

15. Submit Registration Form:

After you apply for the summit your application will be evaluated. if you are eligible to participate “Registration Letter” will be forwarded to your email address.

you can apply for a visa. it is recommended to apply under the category of “Conference Visa” 

Guidance to get the visa will be informed in the registration letter. you can get guidance and consultancy to fill out visa applications from the organizing team to get a visa. 

After you get the Visa you can purchase air tickets. guidance can be obtained from the organizing team of the association

Click here to submit the Registration Form

16. Guidance for VISA

Two ways are available to obtain a visa to go to India

01. Regular VisaDiplomatic/Official/Ordinary Passport holders may fill online application and submit it to the concerned Indian Embassy/Mission in your country. Click here to submit regular Visa Application

02. E Visa 

E Visa can be obtained online. no need to go Indian high commission online you can apply and obtain it within 3 working days. click here to apply for E visa (Visa chargers may be a little bit high than a regular visa)

16.1 Fill google form to get support to fill visa application

if it is difficult to fill official Visa Application click here and submit your details. we will fill original application for you 

17.  Guidance to pay the registration fee

After you get the Visa and Air tickets you can complete the registration Fee by paying through your Visa/Debit card. otherwise, you can pay the registration fee by cash (in Doller) directly on 31st April 2023 in Chennai. 

Click here to submit the registration form 

18 Logistic Details

budget airline to come to Chennai, India is indigo click here to check the prices of air tickets

19. Parallel events to the Summit:

Live Zoom Interviews, Live Presentations, Pre-Recorded Video Presentations, Poster Presentations/TikTok, South Asian Education journals, and many more events have been organized as pre-preparations for the summit.  

Certificates will be granted to educators who show the best performance for live interviews and presentations on the virtual platform. 

Keynote speakers will be selected based on their performance in the interviews/Presentations.

20. Details of the prior activities of the summit


Events    Details Registration
Live Zoom Interviews   Click here for Details Click here for Registration
Live Presentations   Click here for Details Click here for Registration
Pre-Recorded Video Presentations   Click here for Details Click here for Registration
Poster Presentations/TikTok   Click here for Details Click here for Registration
South Asian Education journal   Click here for Details Click here for Registration

Presenters will be awarded International Awards

Organized by


Hosting Partner:


With the collaboration of


  Kunwar’s Global School – Lucknow, India
  EBAC  Public School – Dhaka, Bangladesh
  Modernage Public School and College –  Abbottabad,  Pakistan.
  Galaxy Public School – Kathmandu, Nepal. 
  Early Childhood – Thimphu, Bhutan. 
  Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute – Australia. 
  Bhuddi School of Arts

24. Project Team

Project Directors

  • Mr. Janaka Kamalgoda,
    President, SAIA4ECCD,  – Sri Lanka. 
  • Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
    National Awardee – India.
    Principal,  Kunwar’s Global School – Lucknow, India.
  • Mr. Hachnain Jisan,
    Principal, EBAC Public School – EPS, – Bangladesh 
  • Ms. Farzana Kausar,
    Principal of Lyallpur School System, Jaranwala, – Pakistan
  • Mrs. Surina S. Gurung,
    Principal, Galaxy Public School, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Ms Thinley Wangmo –
    Director of Shari ECCD – 

Project Coordinators

  • Ms. Wathsala Prasangani @ SAIA4ECCD

Program Hosts

  • Ms. Hasini Madanayake – Sri Lanka
  • Ms. Sumaiya Samad Mehtaj –  India
  • 25. High-Level Road Map

    Step  1

    Application is called for 

    • Live Zoom Discussions/ 
    • Live Presentation, 
    • Pre-Recorded Video Presentations, 
    • Poster Presentation, 
    • E-Magazine for South Asian Education journal 

    Step 2

    Applications are evaluated and select eligible Applicants

    Step  3

    Applicants are informed of their eligibility to participate in the events.

    Step  4

    Facilities and guidance are provided to selected candidates to perform for applied events. 

    Step  5

    International Conference and Awarding Ceremony will be held from 1st to 3rd April 2023 


    The End