About us

South Asian International Association for Early Childhood Care and Development (SAIA4ECCD) was established to share knowledge and best practices among the ECCD Teachers and Professionals in the South Asian Region.

South Asia extends south from the main part of the continent to the Indian Ocean. The principal boundaries of South Asia are the Indian Ocean, the Himalayas, and Afghanistan. The Arabian Sea borders Pakistan and India to the west, and the Bay of Bengal borders India and Bangladesh to the east. The western boundary is the desert region where Pakistan shares a border with Iran.

SAIA4ECCD is the organization focusing to achieve Sustainable Development Gals 4.2 which is Quality early Childhood education for each and every child in the South Asian Region. We are a non-profit making organization to promote quality Early Childhood care and development in the south Asian region. SAIA4ECCD is a membership-based organization,

SAIA4ECCD provides information, training and developments and networking for ECCD Centers, organization, institutes, ECCD Teachers, ECCD Professions, parents, childcare providers, employers and local and foreign authorities in South Asian Region.

Support and advice – We have a team of specialists and development workers who work with groups to help them develop the quality of the work they do with children and ensure that the children are learning through play in the first years of their life.

Membership – This entitles you to advice and support, access to lobbying and a chance to influence policy, regular copies of our magazine, membership rates for training, conferences and seminars, publications and videos. As a member you will also receive access to a discounted insurance scheme.

Accreditation – We have a accreditation process for ECCD organizations in the. A set of quality benchmark standards, based on international best practice, have been devised and groups work with their advisor to meet these benchmarks.

Training – for parents, all adults working with children in early childhood stage, All of our training helps develop the confidence and competence of the participants in the understanding of play and the needs of children in early childhood stge.