Advisory Board

Internationally recognized senior educators will advise the association to go forward to achieve (SDGs’ 4.2) quality early childhood education goals for the countries in south Asian region.

Members of the Advisory Board

Dr. (Mrs) I. L. Ginege

Former Deputy Director General,

National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra,

Chairman of Board of Advisory (BOA)

Indian School Principal, National Awardee, Author & CBSE MasterTrainer. Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, a National Awardee- the year 2005, a white and a yellow belt in SIX SIGMA, a
Certified NLP Business Diploma holder, an Educational Innovator, Author, with expertise in Six
Sigma In Education,  Read  More…

Sony Vasandani

Sony is the Founder CEO of Sunshine Teachers’ Training, Indonesia and Academy of Montessori offering online Montessori courses (early childhood and lower elementary) to learners from over 20 different countries. She has been in the field of early childhood education for nearly 30 years, running 4 preschools. 

She is a mentor, trainer, consultant, speaker, motivator for parents, educators and individuals interested in the welfare of children. 
Sony also helps entrepreneurs set up their own preschools through her program ‘The Preschool Business Accelerator’.
Sony Vasandani has a Bachelor in Commerce; Masters in Education, Dipl in Montessori Education, Special Needs Management and Day Care Management.