Objectives of the Association

The objects for which the Company is established are:-

  1. Develop the competencies of the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Teachers for the holistic development of the kids. 
  2. Upgrade the quality and professionalism of the ECCD Teachers to manage Daycare centers to look after kids in daycares.
  3. Facilitate to ECCD Teachers to obtain local and international qualifications related to ECCD to upgrade their professionalism. 
  4. Conduct research and studies to identify best practices and innovations related to ECCD in the   global society.
  5. Share the Best Practices related to the ECCD locally and internationally to upgrade the quality of the ECCD.
  6. Conduct physical and virtual workshops, seminars, training programs, courses, and forums to improve the ECCD sector in the south Asian Region
  7. Facilitate to develop competency standards, curriculums, and other teaching-learning materials related to ECCD.
  8. Develop local and international networks among early childhood development teachers and other people and organizations who engaged with ECCD activities to strengthen ECCD Sector. 
  9. Make mutual agreements with local and foreign organizations to develop ECCD Sector in the global society.
  10. Collaborate with local and foreign organizations to develop ECCD Sector in the global society.
  11. Conduct mutual programs among the ECCD Teachers in South Asian countries to archive Sustainable Development Goals related to Quality Education.
  12. Conduct awareness programs in society to emphasize the value of the ECCD.
  13.  Enhance the knowledge and competencies on the ECCD among the youth to be good parents in  the future.
  14. Facilitated to strengthen and secure the rights, values, and responsibilities in the field of ECCD. 
  15. Establish a proper platform to work together with all kinds of people and organizations in the global society who engaged with early childhood care and development Activities.