ECCD Teachers should have the professional qualifications to work as qualified Teachers. even qualified teachers also should be updated their competencies continuously. The short team module series has been designed to upgrade the knowledge and competencies of pre-primary teachers in a global society.

One module includes 10 three hours sessions. Two sessions will be conducted per week and within 5 weekends module will be completed. end of every module valuable certificate will be granted to the participants. Individuals who complete all modules successfully will be awarded “International Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development”

investment for 10 modules is 50 USD only.

Not only the knowledge or subject competencies 21st century skills including Creativity,  Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and communication skills will be upgraded from every module. 

international expertise on ECCD will conduct sessions on virtual platforms.

The next session will be started for 

  • Curriculum planning, organizing, and Implementing

If you are interested to participate in this module please register by clicking here.


Names of other Module you  can follow  

  1. Principles of early childhood education 
  2. Educational psychology 
  3. Child development 
  4. Curriculum planning, organizing, and Implementing 
  5. Health, safety, and nutrition 
  6. Teaching-learning material development 
  7. Managing the Early Childhood Development Centre
  8. Assessment of child development 
  9. Children with special needs 
  10. ECCD Teacher as a Professional
  11. Competencies to develop children’s motor development 
  12. Competencies to develop Children’s language and early literacy development
  13. Competencies to develop children’s cognitive development 
  14. Competencies to develop Children’s social and emotional development 
  15. Competencies to develop children’s aesthetic development

If you are interested to upgrade your subject competencies with 21st-century skills register for the next team relevant to the module. 

you will learn how to develop children’s 4 C’s ( Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking,  Communication) 21stcenturyskillsaswellasmindsettobeacompetendpreprimaryteacherorqulitymother.


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