Teachers Exchange program

If you are a pre-primary Teacher in any country in the world you have the opportunity to share your knowledge with kids and Preprimary Teachers in any South Asian Country. </p>

You can join as a pre-primary teacher in a reputed Preprimary or primary school in a South Asian country. 
you can work with kids and share your knowledge with teachers in the country where you like to work voluntarily for the period of one month.
Hostal facilities, Breakfast, and Lunch will be provided by the invited party. you have to manage your pocket money for your extra expenses.</p>
You can visit the country, see the beauty of the country, travel around the country and understand their culture, beliefs, and social interactions also. it is a very rear opportunity for you.
If you are interested to work voluntarily in any South Asian country feel free to fill out the below application. 

To Heads/Principals of Preprimary Schools

If you are interested to get support from any foreign Preprimary or primary teacher for your school/Institute from any other country feel free to fill out the application.

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