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South Asian International Association for Early Childhood Care and Development (SAIA4ECCD) is a non-profit-oriented International Association. Its main objectives are to uplift the quality of early childhood education, Capacity building of the ECCD Teachers, Knowledge sharing on ECCD, research and developments in the ECCD sector, Support for curriculum developments, and Parental awareness and parental counseling.  

SAIA4ECCD gives priority to achieving SDG 4.2 which is quality early childhood Education.

SAIA4ECCD is implementing its works in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

SAIA4ECCD is organizing the “International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023” to enhance the quality of Early Childhood Care and Development. It is a pleasure to invite you as a Keynote Speaker/Participant to the Summit which is scheduled to be held in Chennai, India from the 01st to the 03rd of April 2023.

The objective of the international summit is to establish a robust system of exchanging educational practices related to early childhood care and development among educators in south Asian countries and work together to improve the quality of ECCD to Achieve SDGs 4.2. The summit will be focused on Curriculum, Teaching, Learning Methods, and Students Assessment related to early childhood education. In addition, the summit will focus on the Capacity Building of the ECCD Teachers, indoor and outdoor setup of the ECCD centers, and teaching aids.  “Greening Education” for Early childhood education also will be another focal point.

Local and foreign delegates will present keynote speeches on themes of the summit, Awards will be granted to the keynote speakers, and Certificates will be issued for participants. 

ECCD experts in south Asian countries will do keynote speeches with their approaches on new pedagogical approaches for 21st Century skills, and recent trends in Early Childhood  Education to achieve SDG 4.2 Quality ECCD Education and for capacity building the enhance the capacity of educators.

Keynote Speakers will be awarded for their contribution to upgrading the quality of ECCD  in their countries. (Virtual Discussion series also is conducted parallel to the summit) 

We are emphasizing new trends in ECCD as well as global challenges in early childhood education. 

The nature of the world has changed. The present world situation is called as VUCA world. Introduced the concept of VUCA to describe the more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous multilateral world.

What is the role of ECCD teachers,  What is the duty of the ECCD center will be discussed.  Subject knowledge is not enough to be a talented ECCD Teacher. she should talented with international standards. The summit will be the platform to build up networks to share best practices continuously. 


International Summit for Quality Early Childhood Education – 2023

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Speech of the Hon. (Dr.) Susil Premjayantha, Minister of Education, Sri Lanka.