Early Childhood care and Development is the most important sector in child developments. therefore Teacher who engage with children in early childhood stage should be more qualified to focus holistic development of the Child. There are so many opportunities to here to be qualified in Sri Lanka Level 4 in ECCD consider professional qualification to work as a pre school teacher or ECCD Teacher.

  1. Principles of early childhood education
  2. Educational psychology
  3. Child development
  4. Curriculum planning, organizing and Implementing
  5. Supporting children’s motor development
  6. Supporting children’s communication and language development
  7. Supporting children’s cognitive development
  8. Supporting children’s social and emotional development
  9. Supporting children’s aesthetic development
  10. Health, safety and nutrition
  11. Teaching learning material development
  12. Managing the preschool
  13. Assessment methods of child development
  14. Children with special needs
  15. Preschool Teacher as a Professional