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Live Virtual Interview series parallel to the International Conference on Quality Early Childhood Care and Development


International Conference Series on Quality Early Childhood Care and Development is organized by the South Asian International Association For Early Childhood Care and Development (SAIA4ECCD) with the hosting partnership of Kunwar’s Global School and many more education institutes and organizations in the global society.  

The objective of the international summit is to establish a robust system of exchanging educational practices related to early childhood education among the ECCD teachers in South Asian countries and work together to improve the quality of early childhood education to Achieve SDGs 4.2. 

Parallel to the conference series Live interviews are conducted by the association to share knowledge and best practices of the educators to uplift the quality of Early childhood care and development. 

All interviews will be uploaded to the official youtube channel of the SAIA4ECCD and shared with social media. Interviewers will get a certificate for their contribution to exchanging knowledge on early childhood care and development. 

Supporting International Organizations

  • Kunwar’s Global School – Lucknow, India,
  • Modernage Public School and College –  Abbottabad,  Pakistan.
  • EBAC  Public School – Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Galaxy Public School – Kathmandu, Nepal. 
  • GELEPHU Child Care Centre – Thromde, Bhutan. 
  • South Asian International Institute of Higher Education – Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Buddhi School of Arts – Colombo, Sri Lanka


  • Introduce the latest research findings and new strategies to uplift the quality of ECCD.
  •  sharing best practices to upgrade the quality of the early childhood care and development sector.
  • Capacity building of the ECCD Educators by empowering Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Mindset (K-SAM) and 21st-century skills. 
  • Build up networkers among the professionals in the ECCD sector in the South Asian region.
  • Make connectivity among the ECCD educators/professionals in South Asian countries to enhance the quality of ECCD education. 
  • Enhance the opportunities to Implement and participate in collaboration projects in South Asian countries to upgrade the quality of ECCD 
  • Enhance the capacity of professionals of the ECCD sector towards “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)” and “Greening Education”.
  • ECCD Awards for the service rendered by the ECCD teachers/Educators/Professionals in South Asian countries to improve the quality of ECCD.
  • ECCD Awards for Best ECCD Centers on the basis of performance and quality. 

Eligibility : 

  • ECCD Teachers – ECCD Teachers who need to upgrade their competencies, who need to make networks with ECCD Teachers in South Asian countries, and who need to share their best practices with global communities.
  • To ECCD Center owners/ Principals in the South Asian region as well as all other countries who need to upgrade their knowledge, make networks, share best practices and upgrade new strategies to enhance the quality of ECCD centers. 
  • To educators in the field of Early childhood education – Lecturers and teacher educators in the field of ECCD in the South Asian region 
  • Teacher supervisors, Curriculum Developers, Education Administrators, Policy Makers, and academic leaders related to ECCD  in South Asian Countries as well as a global society.  
  • Primary Teachers, Vice Principals, Principals, and Educators in Primary Sector (K1 – K5) in Global Society.
  • Parents and other stakeholders interested in quality early childhood care and development for the Global Society.

Presentation Mode:

Virtual Platform through Zoom

Themes for the Presentations:

  1. Themes to Improve Quality of Early Childhood Care and Development to Achieve SDG 4.2 Quality ECCD” 

      1. Approaches and Principles for Quality Early Childhood Education
      2. Educational Psychology for Early Childhood Education
      3. Child Development in the Early Childhood Stage
      4. Curriculum planning, organizing, and Implementing for Early Childhood Education 
      5. Health, safety, and Nutrition in the Early Childhood Stage
      6. Teaching-learning material development for Early Childhood Education 
      7. Managing the Early Childhood Development Centre/ Primary Classroom
      8. Assessment of child development in Early Childhood Stage
      9. Total Development of Children with special needs
      10. Greening Transformation of the ECCD Center
      11. Professional Role of ECCD Teacher and  Primary Teacher
      12. Competencies to develop children’s motor development
      13. Competencies to develop Children’s language and early literacy development
      14. Competencies to develop children’s Cognitive Development
      15. Competencies to Develop Children’s Social and emotional development
      16. Competencies to develop children’s aesthetic development

    Benefits to the Participants:

    • the interviewee will be able to share their knowledge, Best Practices, Experience, and Research findings with the Global Society.
    • Interviews will be streamed live on social media
    • Interviews will be recorded and uploaded on websites, youtube channels, and many global virtual Platforms
    • A Valid certificate will be issued to all interviewees
    • Interviews are evaluated
    • Best Presenters are offered “International Awards for Best interviewee on the theme of ……..” at the upcoming international conference series on Quality Early Childhood Care and Development
    • Click here to see a sample of the Award

Duration for Live Interview

The live interview should be limited to 25 – 30 minutes. 

Registration Fee:

Free of Charge

Registration for Interviews

Guidance for Interview:

Sample of the Certificate

Office use only

2022 October Summit – Applications for Live interviews

Process to handle live interview

Work Schedule for Live Interviews

Details for Creatives/Artworks   

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