ECCD & Day Care Centers

ECCD Centers, Day Care Centers, Monitories, Early Childhood Development Centers and any other institute which is provide direct services for children’s pre primary education and Child Care.

Those education centers can obtain membership by filing application.

Benefits for Member Institutes

01. Can be used logo in name boards, promotions, and post etc. ” Need to display properly image and contain words of the image”

  • Guidance to improve quality of institute is provided free of charge
  • Guidance is provided to improve quality of the academic activities free of charge.
  • Training opportunities are provided to stakeholders of the member institute

Responsibilities of the Member Institutes

  • If member institutes use accredited logo, soft copy of the relevant promotion should be sent to saia4eccd@gmail before publish
  • Member institutes should follow existing rules and regulation of their country
  • Member institutes should not directly or indirectly misused accreditation or accreditation logo for any illegal or unethical activity. 

Membership Application form for ECCD & Day Care Centers

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